Everybody Wants to Accomplish Something

We receive a lot of negativity in life; if not from our own insecurities, then from the people around us.

Some people want to stop others from achieving their goals. Most everyone, on the other hand, want to accomplish great things. We seek to make things better for the ones we love, for ourselves and even for complete strangers.

Overcoming challenges is something what we face every day in our lives. Many things seem impossible to us; especially when we’re trying to solve them on our own, with no guidance or encouragement.

Seeing the accomplishments of others gives us hope . . . it inspires and motivates us. We are able to see that “doing the impossible” is in fact POSSIBLE!

But momentary excitement isn’t enough to make our accomplishments happen. The smart way to proceed is by learning from those who have succeeded at what we now want to make happen.

One of the best ways to share insight is through books. That’s why I spent 4 years preparing for and writing my first book, The Mountain We Climb.

With a book, you can go at your own speed. You can absorb the information better. You can refer back to life-changing truths that the author has made.

Get a Sneak Peek at My Upcoming Book!

My book, The Mountain We Climb is coming out this year!

At this very moment, my book is being edited by one of the best book creation companies in the world: Writer Services, LLC. Any day now, I will be receiving the edited book. As soon as I do, I’m going to share some of it right here at my website. And you’re invited to be the first to reading about my incredible adventure climbing the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Things like:

  • Why I decided to literally climb a mountain
  • What drove me to make such a drastic challenge for myself
  • What I learned from this experience
  • How it changed my life in ways I never imagined
  • the new perspective I have on life that has influenced everything I do from here on out
  • How my life has been improving
  • How YOU can apply what I learned to YOUR LIFE
  • and so much more will be revealed in my book.

I’ll be sharing anecdotes (what actually happened) while climbing this giant mountain that stretches into the clouds. How I almost gave up and what happened that gave me the strength to take another step, and another, and then another and another . . . and not collapse.

Want to Be the First to Read This Book?

Great! You’ve got a deal!! I’ll notify you when my book is ready for a sneak peek and I’ll send it off to you. You’ll be part of a very exclusive group of individuals. And I’ll do this as well . . .

I will make The Mountain We Climb available to you for pre-sale before releasing it to the world. This will ensure you get a copy of the first printing. And better yet . . .

I will send you a signed copy!

Did you know that books are one of the best collector’s items in the world? It’s a fact. Collectors books can sometimes be worth A LOT of money. The fewer there are the more and faster they become valuable.

That’s just a side note. What’s most important—what is priceless—is that you’ll get to read the amazing story of my journey, learn of the lessons gained and perhaps even have a life-changing experience like I did.

It’s not so much my story that matters as much as the important rules of life that you will walk away with. Any ONE of them could be a game-changer for you.

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