6 Tips to Ensure Your Success

July 18, 2019 / Comments Off on 6 Tips to Ensure Your Success

Success Achievement

Success is no accident. In fact, it is very predictable. 

We all want success and have images of what our own success looks like in our minds or in scrapbooks, on our walls, or in a hope chest under our beds. 

What I have found is that that in my quest for success, I actually have to have to commit to the process to bring it about. In other words, action needs to be taken, and there needs to be foresight as to what you’re going to do.

If your life is anything like mine, you are constantly being bombarded by distractions that get in the way of being productive, which ultimately influences the difference of being successful or not.

Here are tips for limiting those distractions and keeping you focused on achieving your goals and getting your desired results of success…

1. Quiet Time

If you don’t have Quiet Time—a time and place where you are still; I mean really be quiet and free from distractions and interruption. I highly recommend that you start doing this. 

I have my quiet time first thing in the morning. It is my time for prayer, inspirational reading, and gratitude. It sets the rhythm for the day. It also keeps me relaxed and often, it’s during this time when my best ideas and answers I have been seeking come into view.

I’ve seen great results with this personally and from some of my colleagues.  Negative events appear less affecting, allowing for intentional responses instead of emotional. There looks to be an improvement to memory and also being more efficient at both work and home.

2. Take Tech Breaks

Most of us spend far to much time in front of the TV, computers and mobile devices. It is important to get up from our electronic devices and take a 10–15 minute Tech Break. 

Also, most of us tend to be content in our chairs with e-devices glued to our hands. But think about the huge amount of time we spend on mindless games, chats, tweets and posting on social media…! That is time taken away from productivity, affecting the quality of life, and often times our relationships.

I challenge you to audit your electronic usage time for one day. Now calculate that for one week. You will be shocked at the amount of time wasted? 

Taking a tech break has real benefits to your overall well-being and success.

For me, when I detox from TV, Laptop and social media, my perspective and attitude changes positively, allowing me to be present and in whatever is facing me. I realign with my core values and life ambitions. I am more alert as though my senses have been renewed. I’m in better touch with reality.

One great way to do this is to stand up and walk around your desk or office. Better yet, if you can go outside for a few minutes—as long as it takes to feel refreshed—it will work wonders for your mood and overall well-being.

3. Intentional Focus Days

Focus Days are when you put your attention on your primary goal or latest task, and take action. 

My wife is a Certified Vision Board and Life Coach. She has helped clients through the tool of a vision board to create a visual representation of their determined goals and what they want to manifest in their life. Once they have clarity, she then coaches them in taking the required action to bring them about.

Focused days help you to chart a course of action. The intention is to focus on your plan of action and to then put that plan into the action.

Last but not least, when you are at home during your Focus Day, have some plan in place so that you are not disturbed. Something that lets your family know you are in this mode.

4. Organize Activities Rather Than “To Do” List

Most of us have a “To Do” list posted on our refrigerator or mirror. 

My brother has one on his refrigerator door, front and center. After a few visits to his home, I noticed that nothing was crossed off his list, but rather the list had increased. I asked him about it and he said, “Well, we all have things to get done. 

I replied, “Yes, but I actually schedule them into my calendar to give them a priority and reminder. Because if I don’t do that, it’s a good chance that they won’t happen.” 

I have been working with him on this with great result. He has become more intentional and the list is now scheduled in his calendar. And his wife is happy too!

I have learned that scheduling things into my calendar keeps me focused and organized, reducing the feeling of overwhelm. By shifting your To Do List from a piece of paper on the refrigerator to your calendar will allow you to maximize your time and resources.

5. Assign an Accountability Partner

It’s important to have someone you can trust and share your life goals with; someone who will support you in the process of achieving these goals. 

Such a caring person is not hard to find, but they also should be experienced at this. I am a Mentor and Coach and am gratified when those whom I work with succeed in reaching their intended goals.

I also have a Coach who is my accountability partner. He is not only my sounding board, but holds me accountable for the task. The effectiveness of having accountability cannot be overstated. It really works! 

A person who will hold you accountable is invaluable and should be a part of your core team. 

I don’t recommend that this person be a spouse. There are too many blurred lines, and trying to hold each other accountable can become messy very quickly!

After choosing the right person, regular check-in times should be scheduled by phone, Skype or some other communication line for this accounting to take place.

6. Create a Vision Board

A vision board will have the mental images of what you want in life and your business. Dream Big and then find the pictures, words and phrases that represent your dream and goals. Paste or tape them on a large poster board and place it where you will see it every day. This will keep your subconscious mind focused on your goals and accelerate the time in which you will reach them.

As I mentioned earlier, my wife uses Vision Boards with her clients, and she is very careful to explain that a Vision Board is not magic. You the, vision board owner, must take action for the vision to be realized.

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